Beautiful Weddings

Growing up I never really thought about a “Dream Wedding”. I can go inside of my mind and not have a clue as to what would be my theme.  SMH… lol I just never really thought it. Oh, I can for sure see my self walking down the aisle, but my husbands face I just can’t see. Who knows, everybody won’t be married in this life. And if that’s the case, you might as well enjoy being single, because that’s your portion. But its all good. 😉


I was browsing on the Essence site and found some wedding photos of couples that bought tears to my eyes. Oh, they are beautiful… each one speaks to me personally.

Time together I believe is so important in a relationship. My Sister and her husband spend each Sunday together. They made it “their day”. A time to come together and share all the things that went on in the week that maybe they didn’t have a chance to discuss. Just to be in each other presence is the most important factor.

I already know I’m going to be a mess on my wedding day! I love this photo because it shows all of the bridesmaids coming together to make sure that their gurl is looking and feeling good. They are her support, they’re supposed to do everything she ask. I don’t care if she’s being a Bridezilla ( hiding), it’s her day!!! But let me say this….. when all the beauty of the wedding is over…….. they have the right to all visit at the same time, and give her a piece of their minds!!! LOL ( In a good way of course)


I’m so loving this HANDSOME photo!!! Look at the groom sitting in the chair with all “his boys” ( groomsmen) surrounding him. Thats whats up!!! Grooming each other all for support. I want my husband to take a photo like this or similar. I know during this time the ladies were wondering what the men were doing. Well, I can say they were looking good!!! 🙂


Look at the kids!!!! Ahhhh, I so love this photo. This is giving me ideas for my friend’s wedding. They all look adorable. I think this was a great idea, you don’t see the kids taking photos like this in weddings, unless they are on the dance floor. LOL This photo is beautiful!!!


As, I was browsing through their wedding photos. It was something about her reminded me of myself. I really love this photo, it says to me… “YES WE DID IT”! What a lovely couple!


Yes, the shoes are on point!!! I am so lovely these babies.


5.29.09 Ive never seen this done, but I love it!!!!! Gone baby 😉


In Jesus name… Amen!

All photos can be found on-line @

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Weddings

  1. Yeppppp, whenever my day comes I will be mess. But I know all my family and friends will be there to show love and support.

  2. Yes!!! That day will be all yours. I really cannot beleive that I don’t have a theme for my wedding. Maybe my hubby will have one. lol Sometimes, I wonder if we are in a place where God wants us? We may feel that we are ready for love, but God truly only knows that. I have loved several men in my life who I thought I would marry someday. But looking back on their lives today, I SEE MYELF NO WHERE IN THEIR PICTURE!! NO WHERE! LOL

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