My Thoughts on Gay Marriage/BLOG


The U.S. Supreme Court ruling today that gay couples have the constitutional right to marry almost immediately.

Growing up, I was the oldest and often times when my parents would leave the house to pay bills,  grocery shop, or run errands and I would be in charge. I followed the rules and enforced them among my siblings, because I’ve always been that child that didn’t want any trouble. I always felt that rules that were left to follow.. they were to be followed. NOW… did I go against some of the rules a time or two? Yes, I’m sure I did. But in my doing so…. I NEVER CALLED MY WRONG……RIGHT!

This is the ISSUE I have with GAY COUPLES ALLOWING TO MARRY. CALLING WRONG…..RIGHT, TOTALLY IGNORING WHAT GOD WROTE IN THE BIBLE, ((( oh wait..if you don’t believe in God’s word.. you won’t get this. ))) BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T SEE IT AS WRONG…. THEN YOU WONT ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS…. THAT’S ALL I’M SAYING. Doing wrong and asking for forgiveness IS TIED IN TOGETHER. People ask me… why do you care? God gave us free will, we can do what we want, and if we have to pay for it later so be it. OKAY I GET THAT.. AND LET ME REMIND YOU HOW MUCH I DO GET IT. FIRST OF ALL

  • I’m not going to INBOX you and remind you about this… ((NOT GOING TO HAPPEN))

  • I’m not going to see you on the street and bring up this post… ((NOT AT ALL PERIOD))!

  • Understand that this is just a conversation and YES… YOU ARE FREE TO THINK AND BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE… that’s you

  • I’m not going to come to your house and pound it in your head, knock on your door, call you, or even bring it up again. THATS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN

  • I’m going to run it by you, once, maybe twice.. but please believe that thatgurltheycallcree… have other things to do than to keep telling you NOT to call WRONG…. RIGHT! I just want people to see that if you “follow God”… then you know what he likes and what he doesn’t like. I’m just like a sister…. I just don’t want people to get in trouble by calling WRONG …RIGHT. That’s all. I’m not going to keep talking about it not going to call your house about it either.

  • Be Blessed!

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Always Ask Questions To Get Your Answers…. * My Story*

2002 creasy
Mon March 3, 2014 .. I called the Police Recovery Station to find out if my van was recovered, when I was told by the Officer that she didn’t see it in the computer she told me to go back to the station where I filed it at, and to take my report with me to find out what happened.
I was heated when I was told to go back to the station. First of all, when I went the first time the Officers were terrible. If the Leaders of the city are like this… imagine the citizens. I have never in my life seen a bunch of NON MOTIVATED people in my life.
I got to the police station and this older, “get with you” kinda thick older black man was at the medal detector booth.. looking at his phone texting somebody.. NEVER LOOKED UP AT ME.. hollering real loud… MAY I HELP YOU.. MAY I HELP YOU?.. SO, I said yesss, I came down here last Tuesday and filled out a report for my Van being missing.. I did it the same day it was stolen, received THIS paper and was told to call to check up on the van. I said well I called this morning, and the lady on the phone told me that there is no report under these numbers I was given. She told me that I would have to go back to where I got the report and talk to them. He said well let me see the paper. I gave it to him, and he said okay let me go to the computer to check it.
He checked it and said in a real LOUD mean voice……. “I DONT SEE WHY SHE TOLD YOU THAT, CAUSE IM LOOKING AT IT RIGHT NOW”.. WHO DID YOU TALK TO MAAM???????? I looked at him, because he was screaming. I said I TALK TO AN OFFICER….. THE PEOPLE WHO ANSWER THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!! He said what’s her name. I SAID I DONT KNOW THE OFFICER NAME WHO ANSWERED THE PHONE. Then as he was looking at it, the way he was staring at the screen, you can tell he was looking at a mistake or something. Being the reason why the OFFICER I spoke with on the phone couldn’t see it in the system. HE KNEW IT.. BUT IT KILLED HIM TO ADMIT that *SUSAN FALLONI* ( The Police Officer who took my report) DIDNT finish it.
As we’re talking, there is this white officer sitting in the further back seat, and to the window…… a black officer kinda young came in with a bag of Burger King or some resturant food. She saw my face while talking to him and was TRYING SO HARD TO BE MY FRIEND, trying to make eye contact with me, because she saw my facial expression, but you can tell that later on she could turn on me, cause of the way me and her PARTNER were talking to each other.
So, he’s explaining to me that Susan’s SUPERVISER would be in later, and that I could talk to her/him because Susan and the supervisor are the only person who can go in and “touch” the report. OKAY I WAS COOL WITH THAT.. He EVEN SAID WE COULD DO IT OVER THE PHONE. THIS Negro GOT MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WHEN I SAID THIS… “SO let me ask you this…….is this NORMAL, for a person to come into the police station to FILE A REPORT OF A MISSING VEHCILE, and then have to come back down here because ANOTHER OFFICER OVER THE PHONE CANT FIND IT IN THE SYSTEM? He said maam LISTEN….. IM not authorize to go in and do anything to her report. I SAID OKAY YOU SAID THAT.. I GOT THAT.. IM ASKING YOU… IS THIS NORMAL FOR A PERSON TO HAVE TO COME BACK IN THE STATION TO TALK TO THE SUPERVISORS ABOUT THEIR REPORT??? So now the black lady is staring at ME.. LIKE “NO SHE AINT”… THE WHITE LADY LOOKING TOO… SO… I TOLD THE OFFICER SIR……… I’m DONE TALKING TO YOU! DONE!!! DONE!!! This NEGRO got up and went back to the medal detector desk and sat his a@@ down. He got on the phone…. and continued texting SMH He was glad to be able to go back to what he was doing before I walked in.
So since the black lady was staring wanting to join in on the conversation SO BADLY, I TURNED TO HER and asked….why couldn’t I just called the number they told me to call to check on my van, LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE instead of coming back down here because its not in the system? She was looking at me like THAT AINT MY REPORT!!! I GAVE HER THIS LOOK.. LIKE … THEN WHY THE “FORK” ARE YOU STARING DOWN MY THROAT WHEN YOU DONT/CANT ANSWER MY QUESTION??????????.. If you gon stare at us, with a fry hanging half way out of your mouth… THEN IMMA ASK YOU QUESTIONS TOO.!!! She grabbed her food and drink and took her a@@ to the back. SO QUICK LOL LOL LOL. I WAS DONE WITH HER.. NEVER SEEN HER AGAIN.
The white lady was the only one left in the room, BEFORE she ADMITTED THAT SUSAN FALLONI didn’t finish the report… SHE KEPT SAYING TO ME.. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER… PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES, EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES… THEN she asked.. don’t you make mistakes on your job? WHICH then I knew I was getting closer to a confession that she knew Susan FALLONI* DIDNT FINISH MY WORK. THEN SHE finally admitted like I WANTED the clown man officer TO DO. She sat there and admitted what I wanted HIM to admit. She was very nice about it, she explained it was a mistake. I was cool with that. All I wanted was for HIM to admit it. And that was the REASON why the OFFICER THIS MORNING COULDNT SEE IT IN HER SYSTEM !!!!!
With everything that I’m going through right now. I don’t have any EXTRA time to deal with foolishness and non motivated people. I’m on the move and when I need to ask questions concerning MY life…. I need them answered. And I want you all who is reading this. Ask QUESTIONS. Never be so geeked on people positions that you’re intimated about what they will or wont do to/for you. I didn’t care that they were officers. So what they didn’t want to answer my DIRECT IN YOUR FACE EYE TO EYE QUESTIONS, for fear of revealing the TRUTH and getting their fellow officer in trouble for not completing my paper work. I cleared that whole front end out, and I didn’t curse, raise my voice, or get physical. All I did was ask questions to get the answers to MY ISSUE.
Refuse to just “go home” without your questions being answered. These people know the answers to what you need to know. Always check your tone of voice, attitude, your facial expression, and never curse when taking care of your business. Be a good listener, and AVOID doing business over the phone as much as possible when it comes to something serious. People will tell you just enough over the phone without telling you everything, just to get to the next call. Speak with people who can help you. Never ever, speak to people who are the first to say “May I help you”? Then after you’ve explained for 10 minutes your story, they say… well I cant help you, you need to talk with “such and such”.
Always approach serious situations like this…. Hello, Yes!!!!! Who can I speak with concerning a incomplete Police Report on my Vehicle that was filed by Officer Susan Falloni? Give direct eye to eye contact. Never ever allow someone to get into a “who did you talk to, what was their name, BACK AND FORTH MATCH with you. That’s time consuming and it doesn’t matter because “THEY” didn’t take care of it when you did speak to them. Be clear, and only ask questions that will get you results. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be intimated by ANYONE. This is why people are always asking me to teach them how to get answers. Judgement Day is coming for everybody, never be scared to ask questions about YOUR BUSINESS… to people who are “DOWN HERE ON EARTH” just like you. Look them in the eye, and make sure that you get your business taken care of. Do follow ups. Use words to make them remember you. For example: Hello, My name is LaCrease Walker and I came into The Police Station on THIS PAST MONDAY MARCH 3, just before noon and spoke with YOU about YOUR Officer Susan Falloni WHO DIDNT COMPLETE MY STOLEN VEHICLE POLICE REPORT THAT WAS FILED BY ME. Don’t let them interrupt you when you are saying that sentence straight through. When you don’t say “straight” to the point STATEMENTS like that, they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to interrupt you to ask,, when did you call, who did you talk to, what time of day was it, what number did they give you to call? If you allow them to do this to you, it will throw you off your whole call. It will make room for you to forget your questions, and to second guess why you’re even calling. Write down your questions if you have to before you call. Know what you’re talking about, do research on your business. Speak clearly. And ALWAYS.. ALWAYS…. SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY!!!
Be Blessed!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

My Anita Baker Friends……..

For 7 years STRAIGHT * Anita Baker has had a concert here in Detroit *,  all of her fans from Atlanta, Florida,  Canada, Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, Texas, New Jersey, come together to attend the concert here in DETROIT. I along with Alex put together the Detroit Itinerary. We HAD A BALL TOGETHER. I LOVE PLANNING! Hope to see you all this year in 2014!

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God will supply your needs…

100_4939Wednesday…… Christmas Day, I went downstairs to the convenience store that’s located in my building to buy a few things. When I gave the owner of the store my $50.00 bill, he said “Oh LaCrease I don’t have any change, I just gave it out”. He said well, get your things, and you can just bring it back tomorrow.
I just LOVE the older husband and wife who owns the store. They give credit to anyone who lives in the building, and I have needed them more than a time or two. He wrote down my total and I went to my apartment.
Thursday, I went back to pay my bill and to buy a few other things. I gave his wife the same $50 bill. When she gave me the change back…. she gave me 4-$20 bills and said ” I owe you $16.00 just one second”. So I’m standing there saying to myself… “Okay I thought I gave her a $50 bill, she thinks I gave her a $100.00”. Then I started doubting myself.. because all I had was 1-$100.00 bill and a $50 bill, I thought maybe I grabbed the wrong bill. Then God said No… LaCrease you didn’t grab the wrong one. Then Satan comes in…. and said LISTEN…. this is your last money for a WHILE… you just lost your job, and that money is your BLESSING… KEEP IT. He said you need personal items, and this LAST $150.00 goes toward your rent. You NEED this money. Then God said…. LISTEN…. That is NOT a BLESSING from ME……these people have been good to you since DAY ONE LACREASE * I love how he says my name*. He said.. if you take this money and you know its not yours, guilt will eat you up. He said now do you want to go back to your apartment and have to think about that EVERYDAY? Then EVERYTIME you come down to this store, you’ll have to look these people in the eye knowing you took their money. He said, anything you need I WILL SUPPLY.. you do NOT need this extra $50.00. He said speak up and give this money back to her….. you do NOT want to have to deal with me. I said Lord.. say no more. I gave her the money back, and they both kept thanking me. I said … you and your husband has been good to me.
As I look back on it. You never know what you would do in certain situations. I know for a fact that had I been in a good place AT THAT TIME financially I wouldn’t need for God to speak to me… because I would give it back without a thought. But God knew I was broke, he know I had just lost my job, he knew * in my mind* that money could have helped me with personal needs.
Its amazing how the few minutes she told me to wait for the rest of the money…….. God used that time to talk to me. I look at stuff like that. Those minutes were needed. This is for everyone… when you’re faced with your last money, and you have to make a decision to do right or wrong… do right. Let me share with happened to me THE VERY NEXT DAY.
My daughter called me and asked would I go with her and her dad to see this home she was interested in purchasing. I told her YES!!! After we saw the home, she said “momma lets go to the movies to see “The Wolf of Wall Street”, we checked out show times and realized that we had an extra hour to burn before the movie starts. As we are riding, she says… lets go to Walmart. We went in… and she said… do you need anything? I said naw… I’m good. But as we walked around… I started seeing stuff I did need. LOL At some point, she said momma.. I know you need stuff, she said get what you need. I got soap, pads, toothpaste, bath wash, and some lip gloss. Then she said… anything else? I asked her when we got in the van… why do you always want to help me ALL THE TIME… I said I’m good. She said momma you have always taken care of me. Anything I wanted or needed and you had the money you got it for me. She said I’m happy to be in a position to do it. I can’t even put into words to describe when your child tells you this. She took me to the movies, and bought me popcorn and pop. I love my baby.
Later on that night… as I sat and thought about my day. I remembered what God told me IN THE STORE….. He said “I will supply all your needs”. WOW WOW WOW. AND HE DID. Thank you Jesus.
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

The work OF THE PRAYER..

MIRROR 2I wrote this mornings post as I was about to leave out for work. There is something about the POWER OF PRAYER. I LOVE and enjoy praying for people, because I KNOW my prayers through JESUS reaches the LORD.

My post this morning was about people who pray, BUT after the PRAYER look for others to “do the work” of the PRAYER.
Let me give you an example….. A few weeks I posted on Face book how the bank gave me the wrong deposit numbers, resulting in me not receiving a check, until the next pay period and my rent being late * $75.00 late fee, AND $5.00 EACH DAY AFTER… UNTIL THE RENT IS PAID IN FULL*. My cable bill was due, and my Verizon bill was as well. When I post what was going on with me. … I didn’t post for people to “help me” or “call me” or “come see how I’m doing”, or “offer the money to me”. I was simply SHARING. I loved and appreciated all the comments, because I love to laugh, and it felt good to have people to stand with you in times like those. But after the PRAYER… not once did I LOOK to people to “do the work” of the PRAYER.

I had already PRAYED about it. Well, when I went to see the Assistant Office Manager, she told me to forward all the emails from my payroll office and an email from me, just to make sure that it was in fact a mistake, and that she would forward them to the OFFICE MANAGER. After a few days, she got back with me and told me that he said NO, that he wouldn’t wave the fees. I gave her my rent anyway, without the late fees I said to her, well when he comes back from out of town… I want to meet with him. She smiled and said * she wasn’t mean to me at all* once he makes up his mind, its pretty much a done deal. I said to her…. I’ll talk to him myself. Then she said…. yes talk to him.

I heard God LOUD AND CLEAR * people learn to get in tuned with God’s voice, so that you can know it JUST AS YOU KNOW YOUR OWN CHILD CALLING YOU IN THE GROCERY STORE FROM ANOTHER AISLE.* He said LaCrease… go to your apartment right now. And write out a email pleading your case, send the payroll emails, and a photo of yourself at the end in closing, so that he can BE SURE OF WHO YOU ARE. After I wrote that email… I FELT GOOD. LOL LOL I sent it to him, PRAYED ABOUT IT AGAIN…. and sat back, crossed my legs, with my faygo cola, greens, chicken, corn bread.. and told GOD…. your turn… IM DONE WITH THIS!!!! AND in MY SPIRIT…. I WAS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, DONE WITH IT. I didn’t talk about it with anyone ANYMORE, didn’t woe is me… ANYMORE.. didn’t think about it anymore. God told me to plead my case, and I did… MY JUDGE* God* WENT TO WORK FOR ME…..

That next day I saw the OFFICE MANAGER, and asked him could I come into his office to talk, he already knew what it was about. Once he soaked up my PEACEFUL….. AND NONE CONFRONTATIONAL atmosphere, he said Ms. Walker your LATE FEES ARE WAIVED!!! AMEN

God laid it upon this mans heart to CANCEL MY DEBIT. God did that. If you look to God to help you, you wont have to say. “when I needed money you wasn’t there, when I needed a phone call you wasn’t there, when I needed someone to talk to you wasn’t there”. Am I saying don’t ask your friends or family for anything? NO…. I’m not saying that. I’m saying PRAY about your situation… and in that prayer ask God to touch the right hearts to BLESS YOU.. and just leave it alone.

Now you’re saying…. WELL THATS HARD…. it sure is. But its something we must do. There has been sooooo many times, when I prayed about something, then turn around and try to make it happen for myself,,, THEN GET MAD AT THE PEOPLE WHO I KNEW COULD HELP ME… cause at first when the Asst Manager was like ” ummmm “his mind made up”… I was like HEFFA… if you don’t fight on my behalf… you betta. God checked me real quick… why are you looking to her, when EVERYTHING MUST HIT MY DESK FIRST???????? Yeaaaaaa God is BOLD like that.

So I say to you, if you’re in a situation, need money, need someone to talk too, need a favor, baby sitter, car, house…. and you feel nobody is there for you…… THAT’S THE WAY GOD WIRED IT UP… SO THAT YOU CAN DEPEND AND GO TO HIM AND ONLY HIM!!!! Allow him to touch the HEARTS of the people that HE wants to help you….. not the 500 people on your FB page. God just don’t work like that.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy