“Judging when ya dont know the real”



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If God wanted me to remember the top 3 lessons in my life, one of them would truly be this one I’m about to share. A lesson on Judging others.

This is one of those stories that I always talked about, but at this time concerning  Bishop Eddie Long its important that I share it with many.

One day in my early 20’s I was walking home from work,  I was about to come to an alley which was 3 houses from my house. As I was walking LEADING UP to the alley, I noticed this very nice looking black woman who appeared to be a little older than myself jump out of a truck that came out of the alley.  She was looking at me and I was looking at her. I noticed that she had on a very shirt skirt, heels, and in my opinion  she had “this hookerish look about her”. I went off on her in my mind saying” No this hooker aint standing on MY block hooking”! “She’s too pretty to be doing this”, “She needs to get off my block with this mess”! “I can’t believe this mess right here”! “Oh she gotta go”! ” We don’t have this on our block”!. Everything I could think of went through my mind. As I was saying these things she was looking at me, and I was looking at her too!! But then I noticed that she kept looking towards the alley. I wasnt at the alley yet, but I started walking faster, so that I could see what she was looking at. After I called her every hooker, hoe, and slut in the book, I was finally coming to the EDGE of the alley ABOUT TO WALK ACROSS IT TO WALK PASS HER, AND TO GET TO MY HOUSE, I was staring eye to eye with this woman. All of a sudden, the direction that she was looking in (the alley), a POLICE SQUAD car came flying out. The POLICE CAR stopped right in position where all she had to do was pull the knob to get in. She hopped in the FRONT SEAT, and once in the car, she gave me this look that I’ll never forget as they sped off to catch the guy in the truck.

As I was Judging her in my mind and with my facial expressions towards her. She was protecting me. She knew that her partner would be speeding out of the alley at anytime, and she kept looking at me to make sure that I would be safe and not walk towards the alley as her car was approaching. She knew I was JUDGING her, but she worried more about me than I did about her. I saw it in her eyes that she knew what I was thinking. Her partner came out of the alley so fast and so quick, it scared me so terriably.

I was now 3 houses from my house when God spoke to me saying, don’t ever be so quick to Judge anyone. He said Lacrease you were so quick to believe that she was a hooker, looking at the way she was dressed, her boots and her appearance. He said NO one could have told you she was anyone different. He said she was looking out for you, making sure you didn’t get hit by her SQUAD car, and you Judged her harshly. I felt so bad. I never felt so bad in my life. That day was truly a real lesson for me.

I write this message to let you all see that what looks like one thing, may very well be another. We can suspect, and have our doubts about something, but when we open our mouths and make it known to others we can INFLUENCE  them. When in fact we REALLY don’t even know (for sure because we weren’t there). Somethings we have to just sit back and let God handle. We are not to say a word, just to learn from everything that is happening. If we want a fair hearing when God Judge us, we need to be able to give one on earth. The same people who say “oh I know he did this and I know he did that” are the same people who get on TV and say my “son was a good boy, he would never kill 5 people”. You get the picture? Every case will have their day in court.

The bible says:  Corinthians 4:5
Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God.

Be Blessed!




Forgive 77 times

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Forgiveness is something we all have to deal with at one time or another. And the bible tells us clearly 

    Matthew 18:21-22
    Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

I don’t know about you, but 77 times is a lot, and if someone is in your life that you HAVENT forgiven and its at 76…. you still have one more time to forgive them. I know forgiveness is something that is very hard to do. At 17 I was a virgin and raped by someone I knew. I had a hard time dealing with it and buried it in the back of my mind. In my 20’s I lived my life-like it was “golden”. But in my early 30’s as I began to slow down….it was back. It came up like that constant swallow we get in our stomachs when we try to keep our food down from throwing up. It had stayed in my mind long enough and it wanted to be dealt with. Either I was going to deal with it, or leave it in my mind EVEN LONGER. I decided to LEAVE IT THERE. I didn’t want to deal with it, talk about it, or think about it. So, I went on with my life as normal and then years later early 40’s …..BOOM….it was on my mind again. As if it said…. “I’m back”…are you ready to deal with me yet?!!!!

 Okay… I told God. I’m ready to deal with it. I told God that I had forgiven him and I wanted to move on. Well, God said LaCrease if you are over with it…… lets see. God told me that this person was going to come face to face with me, and that when I looked into his eyes, I would know if I have forgiven him or not. OMG! Are you serious God? I have to go through that to see?  Then one day, this guy  walked up to me and called my name out. I turned around and it was him. Things happened JUST LIKE GOD SAID THEY WOULD. It caught me totally off guard, there was no place to run or hide. It was time to deal with it. When I looked in his eyes … I didn’t feel any bad feelings, I didn’t cry, I didn’t get mad, or upset, I wasnt nervous. As a matter of fact I hugged him, and exchanged numbers. I know….. your thinking…..”how could she”? I was led by God. …..trust me. La’Crease could have never did that. God love me enough to tell me AHEAD of time how he was going to bring this man into my life again…. so I owed him enough to stand there and let him guide me. I trust him like that with my life. Me and this guy even chatted on the phone several times, and even though he didn’t apologize, I knew that he was sorry just by the humbleness of his voice. I DIDNT NEED AN APOLIGY. All he talked about was God, and how he had turned his life over to him. He was so humble, how can I still harbor those feelings inside me, when God showed me clearly that this man was a changed man? Thank you Lord, because I am now FREE!

 There are so many of you reading this blog entry who has  issues of dealing with Forgiveness. It can make or break you in one way or another. If you want God to forgive you, then you must forgive others.There is nothing in between that. You can’t even ask God to pardon that. Because it is written in the Scriptures. I personally like how God wired that up. This way you have to look at how you can learn to forgive, because you know that you have done somethings to offend God.


Sistergurls don’t hold on to anything that needs  your forgiveness. I found out that when you hold on to those things, you are looking for comfort, you feel needy, want to argue or debate, it usually stems from issues that you are keeping buried deep down inside. Often these people like to feel sorry for themselves, and will cling on to those who allow them too. I also found out that people who wont forgive, they have pushed that person out of their lives anyway, but also feel the need to hold on to the hurt. Picture that… holding on to hurt. When we pray we have the power through God to let go of that hurt. If your holding on to hurt ON PURPOSE…….thats what YOU chose to do. You have the power to open your hands and let it go.


Matthew 6:14-16
For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

    Luke 6:37
    Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. (NIV)

Be Blessed Sistergurls!

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Punk Parent(S) TURNED Good Parent(S) Part 1

When a baby is born, he/she does not have instructions attached …AT ALL.
 As parents we have to learn about the our own baby. As they get older, they start to understand words like No, Yes, Come here, Ma-ma and Da-da. Somewhere in the “terrible 2’s parents get scared. The kids start running around the stores, saying No to the parents, falling out on the floor at any given time, crying because they can’t have gum, candy, or a toy. Exploring and getting into things around the house, biting others, getting out of bed because they don’t want to take a nap.
In this blog entry I’m going to break down ( in my Knowledge) areas that were important when I was raising Mar’Neishia.
One of my favorite Bible Scriptures is Proverbs 22:5-7 (New International Version)  6 Train [a] a child in the way he should go,
       and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Quiet at the Movies
 A lot of parents don’t like taking their kids to the movies because they make too much noise, wont sit still, and disturb others ( kicking their chairs, turning around looking at them). There is NO reason for a parent to miss out on a family outing because they can’t find a way to make their kids quiet.  Make sure you have a Pep talk…. AT HOME .When you are speaking to your kids, make sure they are all around.  Sit in a chair so that they can surround you while you speak. Eye contact is a MUST when you are explaining NEW RULES to them.  Kids and adults sometimes don’t do well with NEW rules.
Tell your children… LISTEN we’re going to the movies today. And inside the movie we watch TV ( use that word because they understand what that is), we don’t talk, we don’t kick people chairs, we don’t run, we SIT DOWN. Before we go in the movies, we stop and get popcorn, hotdog’s, pop, or candy. Once we sit down,  and the lights go out, WE DO NOT GET UP. WE DO NOT TALK! We sit in our chairs and we watch the movie. Now, at some point either when the popcorn is gone, or they start to get bored, they will TEST YOU. LOL Oh yes, look for it to happen. LOL But —-> Look over and give them the eye and let them know they KNOW the rules. See when you run back things to kids, they are FORCED to remember it. So by reminding them of the rules, in their minds its sorta like a contract. Okay momma took us to the movies today, we got popcorn and candy, I must complete my part of the deal. And so this is what will make them sit back finish the movie, or fall asleep.   Children are going to only act in a why that you allow them. When you speak up or say something they asume you mean Yes, or its okay. Its so important to always pay attention to what they are doing, children speak in many ways. They will test you like crazy!!!  LOL Even if you have to have a pep talk with them everytime you take them to the movies, they will get the point that when you go to a movie, you are to be quiet. Then after a while, they will see themselves as the one who benefits ( candy, popcorn, pop, hotdogs, and a movie).
Remember YOU are the PARENT, the PLANT MANGER, the SUPERVISOR, the HEAD LADY IN CHARGE,  the BOSS LADY. WE have A BOSS and that’s God!! Lets read even HIS RULES.. ..

Proverbs 29:15 (NLT) “To discipline and reprimand a child produces wisdom, but a mother is disgraced by an undisciplined child.”


Proverbs 23:13-14 (NLT) “Don’t fail to correct your children. They won’t die if you spank them. 14 Physical discipline may well save them from death.”


Proverbs 22:15 (NLT) “A youngster’s heart is filled with foolishness, but discipline will drive it away.”


Proverbs 29:17 (NLT) “Discipline your children, and they will give you happiness and peace of mind.”


Proverbs 13:18 (NIV) “He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honored.”


Proverbs 19:18 (NLT) “Discipline your children while there is hope. If you don’t, you will ruin their lives.”

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The last straw…

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The last straw….

Ten years ago, I was seeing this guy who I really liked. He was funny, loved to talk, love to do things that I liked. He called me all the time, and I did the same. I never wondered or even saw signs of him with other women. When I met him he was separated, and had his own apartment. I enjoyed going over to his house, and he was at my place often. But at some point and time, he stared acting strange, differently. He didn’t come over as much, he seemed some what distant. This was really a change for me. When I would ask him what’s up with him, he would tell me “nothing”. I’m cool.

 One night, I woke up about 5 am in the middle of the night. I just couldn’t shake this feeling about him. He was on my mind heavy. I promised myself that I wouldn’t go back to the old “LaCrease” and start acting crazy. I was something different back in my 20’s, and I knew that I had came a long way. But it was something about this guy that I really loved, and I thought that I had everything under control. I sat at the edge of the bed wondering if I should slip on some pants and go by his wife house.


I had God in one ear, and Satan in another. I decided to over rule God and slip on some clothes, grabbed my car keys, and I was out!!!!  I remember clear as day everything that night. His wife lived about 3 minutes from me. I was on my way to her house to see if his car was in her driveway. I was doing top speed, my heart was beating fast, the closer I got to her house, the more I wanted to know if my suspensions were right. I turned down her block and there was his car pulled up in the drive way as if “he lived there”.


I was devastated….


I drove off slowly and in shock. I can still look back and remember no signs of this about to happen to me. I drove home shock, devastated , I wanted to drive my car up the median. I was driving so slow, I was in a daze. I got home and sat on the edge of the bed. I kept asking myself how could I be so dumb? How could I allow myself to go through this again? How could I have thought that he wouldn’t go back to his wife at some point? He had every right too, he was married. Even though he had to go to God and ask for forgiveness for his relationship with me, he had every RIGHT and reason to want to go back and make his marriage work. I had no place in that at all.


As I sat on the bed, I began to cry. Because after something like this. I cant trust him to be with me. Who am I? I knew this was over. I didn’t even look at him the same. So what, he had his own place, so what he was separated and with me for over a year, so what, he spent a lot of time with me. So what, so what, so what!!! This man had every right to go back to his wife, when he got good and ready too. So, I had to make up in my mind to cut him loose.


As, I sat on the bed, I went into my night stand and grabbed the rest of my Absolute Vodka that I had from a night that my friends and I drank at a cabaret. I didn’t want to die at that point, but I did want to numb my pain. I decided that I was going to drink the rest of Vodka down, and don’t stop until the bottle was empty. And then I wanted to lay across my bed and pass out from everything I was feeling. I didn’t want to deal with any of it. Not how stupid I was feeling, how played I felt, how many signs I missed. I just wanted to tap myself on my wrist and feel absolutely NOTHING!!


I grabbed the bottle by the neck and threw it down my throat. All of a sudden I started chocking, I couldn’t catch my breath. I was gasping for air, my whole life was flashing before me. I was done with the bottle, but I couldn’t breathe. I tried standing up, I tried to focus, I tried to calm down, but nothing was working. I could NOT breathe. All while I was going through this. I could hear God saying to me ( cant remember the exact words, but it something to this). You better get it together, you betta get up from here and live! You have your daughter, and you have yourself to live for. Just then, I was able to breathe. I was sitting around crying and glad that I didn’t die. I was DRUNK!! God said now lay down and go to sleep!!!  He was angry with me and I knew it.


That very next day. I was depressed and didn’t want to eat, sleep, work, cook, or even spend time with Neisha. I just wanted to lay around. That very day I had made up in my mind that I was going to get over him. I made up in my mind that I wasn’t going to take any phone calls from him because it was going to either…. A. make me want him even more and “relapse” or B. start to hate him, something I didn’t want to do. After a week I was doing good. He hadn’t called, and I hadn’t called him either. I was still laying in the bed, all I did was work, cook for Neisha and slept. I didn’t want to do anything. After those 2 weeks were up. I was feeling good. It took some time, but I got over him!!! Praise God!!! Thank you Jesus!!!


I shared my testimony with you all, JUST TO GET TO THIS POINT.  Sistergurls, LOVE YOURSELF. Know when its over. Know when its time to count the time and loss that you spend in the relationship and MOVE ON! Its okay….. because if you leave in time, you’ll leave with your mind. If this didn’t work out for you, the person God has for you is still out there. How can you get to that person, if you’re still crying and chasing the wind *man*. God knows and has what’s best for us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We have to trust that God made a man designed just for us.


Listen Sistergurls. I want you to stop for a moment, and visualize my next words. Make a mental Video………….Imagine yourself walking around wearing a size 6 shoe, when you really wear a size 10 wide?  Does that make sense to you?  Well, that’s how it is having the wrong man in your life. The shoe doesn’t LOOK good. It doesn’t feel RIGHT. It doesn’t FIT. In order to get some relief, you have to take that WRONG shoe off. Now, would you put it back on? Okay, so now that you have this  WRONG shoe off your feet, you have to find the SHOES  that fits you………Right? Well, this is how is with a man. You have to find the MAKER ( GOD) so that HE can pair you up with the right SHOE (MAN). We can’t just walk around wearing the wrong shoes. LOL God made us all, he knows what kinda shoes ( man) we want and desire. He has that man set aside for us. Now understand too, that everyone doesn’t get married in this life time, just as every bird doesn’t always fly. But we can pray and have hope, that there is someone out there for us.


We have to have patience with God. We have to want HIS WILL for us. He can bring this man in our lives when he gets ready. Let me share with you some things that you can do in your “meantime”.


Spend time in your bible. Even if you read a page a day. Make it a do or die moment.


Play gospel music DAILY in your house. Sing them with your kids. Let them learn/hear the songs.


Don’t be afraid to ask God questions. Ask him what is it that he wants you to do in your lifetime. Ministry speaking.


Pray DAILY. Praying is just having  regular conversations. Talk to God as if he was sitting in the same room.


Go to a quiet place and talk to him. Maybe take a drive, go to the river, sit on your back porch ( where people cant disturb you), take a bath, go in the attic or basement, take a walk. Its very peaceful, and once you start to do this daily, you will not  LET ANYONE DISTURB YOUR TIME WITH HIM. It will be something that you don’t want anyone to DISRESPECT.

Isaiah 30 (New International Version)21Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” 22 Then you will defile your idols overlaid with silver and your images covered with gold; you will throw them away like a menstrual cloth and say to them, “Away with you!”  

 Be Blessed


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He was married*

I was sitting in the Secretary of State when I locked eyes with this guy who was just my type. Tall, thick, handsome and had a big stomach. I knew he was looking at me, I was looking cute too. When my number was called, I took care of my business looked over at the him and winked. What I do that for……. ( nah, I knew what I was doing) he jumped out of his seat and followed me outside.


Once outside, the first thing I did was look at his finger, OH M GEEEE he had on a wedding band. I couldn’t do it. I told God that I will never see a married man again. Couldn’t do it. Oh he was fine. He had the prettiest teeth you ever want to see on a man. He was also in his work truck, which really turned me on. But, I couldn’t do it. I  couldn’t see myself with another married. I promised God, and there was  NO WAY that I was gonna go back on my word. He had gotten me out of situations that I had no business being apart of.


When I asked him was he married,  he said “yes” and when I balled my face up…. he said, “Well at least I’m honest”. But what does that mean? That turned me off. He kept putting pressure on me. He insisted I take his number. If anyone knows me, they know once my mind is made up, there is no changing it.  I was looking him dead in the eye telling him Nooooo Okay, I said, what’s the number? I put it in my cell phone. I was riding home, I couldn’t do it. I felt so bad. How could I let somebody put pressure on me?  What was God thinking ? I made up my mind not to call him, he didn’t have my number which was good, So. I didn’t have to duck and dodge him. LOL


 That next evening. ME and my WHOLE family had planned to all meet up and have dinner @ Elias Brothers. As we were waiting on our food, I was looking out of the window when I saw “homeboy” stroll in with his family. He had a cute family too, his 2 little gurls were so pretty and made up, and when I looked at his wife, she was cute too. I just sat there, shaking my head. Thinking to myself, I’m so glad I had no intentions on calling this man. I was sitting there thinking of a way that I can get his attention so that I can say” see that’s why I don’t talk to married men”. He didn’t see me, but I was looking at him. I decided that I was going to call his cell phone while he was sitting there with his wife and children ( Sounds bad don’t it?…. well it is) As I dialed the number I sat there watching him. “Hello”? I’m like hey, how are you? “Fine”, he said all dry. I said do you know who this is? He said “no” sounding all scary and stuff. I said this is La’Crease, he said oh. I said to him, don’t talk….. but I’m in the same restaurant you’re in. I said I see you with you wife and kids. He was speechless! I said I just wanted to let you know, I am in here! I hung up the phone on him. Next thing I see is his wife and daughters getting up and going to the rest room. I said to myself now watch my cellphone ring. No sooner than I said that, it rung! He said to me “Thank you for not putting me out there like that”! I never saw or heard from him again.


See, Sistergurls, this is why its important not to ever get the phone number of any man who is married. Its a dead in street. Can you see him giving up his wife for me? Had I started talking to him, first thing he would have ran on me was ” I told you in the beginning that I was married”. I don’t need a man throwing that up in my face anytime I want to spend time with him. Whatever conditions you meet a man under, he is gonna hold you to them. Believe DAT!


Why do we as women setting for  married men? Why can’t we just sit it out until the one God design for us to have finds us? What is the hurry to be with someone? These men aren’t leaving their wives, and the time they do spend with you, he probably has to piss her off, or make her feel guilty about something, so that he can leave and get to your house. That’s not living. That’s not a life. If you’re that 20, she has to be the 80, and that’s all he’s gonna get!!! Sisters, lets stop being 20’s when we are designed to be 80’s. ( going by the 80/20 “rule”.


We mess up when we ignore God’s voice in our heads at the first meet. We know its wrong to see married men, but we do it anyway. We short change ourselves and our kids when we make ourselves the 3rd wheel in a marriage. And ya know something else too? If you finally decide to let the married man go, when you find someone you really love, you’re gonna be insecure, and you’re  gonna always feel that you have  to be one up on him because of your past demons. And we make that man pay for our insecurities, and I’m sure he’s a good man too. We do this to ourselves. If you’re with a man who is married, think about yourself first. God loves us, the man he has for you is still out there, but how can you get to him, when you’re still with “hers”. True everyone wont get married in this life, just the same as every woman wont give birth. But we can’t get involved with married men, because we don’t have our own husbands.


The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord” While a woman is single she needs to recognized that she has the unique opportunity to build herself up in the Lord without the drains that can occur later.


To all my Single Sistergurls, stay in the race, don’t take the short cut ( married men) that’s gonna lead you down a dead in street. God loves you and wants the best for you. Sisters, take this time to pamper yourself, take luxurious milk and honey baths. Take care of God, spend time with him, get to know him for yourself .


Take a look at this video. Very interesting story.