The work OF THE PRAYER..

MIRROR 2I wrote this mornings post as I was about to leave out for work. There is something about the POWER OF PRAYER. I LOVE and enjoy praying for people, because I KNOW my prayers through JESUS reaches the LORD.

My post this morning was about people who pray, BUT after the PRAYER look for others to “do the work” of the PRAYER.
Let me give you an example….. A few weeks I posted on Face book how the bank gave me the wrong deposit numbers, resulting in me not receiving a check, until the next pay period and my rent being late * $75.00 late fee, AND $5.00 EACH DAY AFTER… UNTIL THE RENT IS PAID IN FULL*. My cable bill was due, and my Verizon bill was as well. When I post what was going on with me. … I didn’t post for people to “help me” or “call me” or “come see how I’m doing”, or “offer the money to me”. I was simply SHARING. I loved and appreciated all the comments, because I love to laugh, and it felt good to have people to stand with you in times like those. But after the PRAYER… not once did I LOOK to people to “do the work” of the PRAYER.

I had already PRAYED about it. Well, when I went to see the Assistant Office Manager, she told me to forward all the emails from my payroll office and an email from me, just to make sure that it was in fact a mistake, and that she would forward them to the OFFICE MANAGER. After a few days, she got back with me and told me that he said NO, that he wouldn’t wave the fees. I gave her my rent anyway, without the late fees I said to her, well when he comes back from out of town… I want to meet with him. She smiled and said * she wasn’t mean to me at all* once he makes up his mind, its pretty much a done deal. I said to her…. I’ll talk to him myself. Then she said…. yes talk to him.

I heard God LOUD AND CLEAR * people learn to get in tuned with God’s voice, so that you can know it JUST AS YOU KNOW YOUR OWN CHILD CALLING YOU IN THE GROCERY STORE FROM ANOTHER AISLE.* He said LaCrease… go to your apartment right now. And write out a email pleading your case, send the payroll emails, and a photo of yourself at the end in closing, so that he can BE SURE OF WHO YOU ARE. After I wrote that email… I FELT GOOD. LOL LOL I sent it to him, PRAYED ABOUT IT AGAIN…. and sat back, crossed my legs, with my faygo cola, greens, chicken, corn bread.. and told GOD…. your turn… IM DONE WITH THIS!!!! AND in MY SPIRIT…. I WAS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, DONE WITH IT. I didn’t talk about it with anyone ANYMORE, didn’t woe is me… ANYMORE.. didn’t think about it anymore. God told me to plead my case, and I did… MY JUDGE* God* WENT TO WORK FOR ME…..

That next day I saw the OFFICE MANAGER, and asked him could I come into his office to talk, he already knew what it was about. Once he soaked up my PEACEFUL….. AND NONE CONFRONTATIONAL atmosphere, he said Ms. Walker your LATE FEES ARE WAIVED!!! AMEN

God laid it upon this mans heart to CANCEL MY DEBIT. God did that. If you look to God to help you, you wont have to say. “when I needed money you wasn’t there, when I needed a phone call you wasn’t there, when I needed someone to talk to you wasn’t there”. Am I saying don’t ask your friends or family for anything? NO…. I’m not saying that. I’m saying PRAY about your situation… and in that prayer ask God to touch the right hearts to BLESS YOU.. and just leave it alone.

Now you’re saying…. WELL THATS HARD…. it sure is. But its something we must do. There has been sooooo many times, when I prayed about something, then turn around and try to make it happen for myself,,, THEN GET MAD AT THE PEOPLE WHO I KNEW COULD HELP ME… cause at first when the Asst Manager was like ” ummmm “his mind made up”… I was like HEFFA… if you don’t fight on my behalf… you betta. God checked me real quick… why are you looking to her, when EVERYTHING MUST HIT MY DESK FIRST???????? Yeaaaaaa God is BOLD like that.

So I say to you, if you’re in a situation, need money, need someone to talk too, need a favor, baby sitter, car, house…. and you feel nobody is there for you…… THAT’S THE WAY GOD WIRED IT UP… SO THAT YOU CAN DEPEND AND GO TO HIM AND ONLY HIM!!!! Allow him to touch the HEARTS of the people that HE wants to help you….. not the 500 people on your FB page. God just don’t work like that.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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