Please read this good. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NO NAME BRAND FOOD that wasn’t meant to be the FOCUS of my POINT…… I shop at WALMART * and other stores* and I LOVE their BRAND of food….. when I mentioned about the man shopping at WALMART for the HOMELESS….. I was asking is it fair to shop the BEST for yourself * at another store or name brand of food* but shop for a cheaper BRAND for THE HOMELESS at another store…… BECAUSE it’s the thought that matters most?


Now if you are a WALMART FOOD BRAND shopper/OR ANY OTHER BRAND SHOPPER…. and you shop there for YOURSELF………… THATS FINE …COOL…. PERFECT….. AWESOME….. WONDERFUL…… BECAUSE THATS YOURRRRRR level of shopping. AND THATS COOL….PERFECT. BUT my question is would you go to the FOOD PANTRY to get items for the HOMELESS… or would you shop at WALMART for them just as you do for YOURSELF? In other words do you GIVE on the same level AS YOU SHOP FOR YOURSELF? That was how I meant my question.

I asked this question because… I’m all my 44 years of living… I have come to learn that WHAT YOU PUT IN…….. YOU SURELY GET OUT.

Now since we all know how we feel about the items we would GIVE to the HOMELESS * because its the thought that counts* RIGHT?…. Lets talk about how we GIVE to our FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

I’m a person who LOVES to give gifts BASED on HOW I WOULD SHOP FOR MYSELF. Now HEAR ME GOOD. MY PERSONAL definition of *giving gifts* will be different from anybody else. Because everyone has a different level of QUALITY. I also realized that WHO we give gifts too we must consciously or unconsciously know THEIR QUALITY OF GIFTS. For example. I went to my good friend and co workers Lajuana HOME WARMING PARTY….. I know the kind of people I hang out with, and I know their style and their quality. I wouldn’t buy her a DOLLAR STORE gift, because she’s NOT a DOLLAR STORISH person. Does that make me and her better than OTHERS? NO it doesn’t. NOT AT ALL. Would I JUDGE other people? NOT AT ALL. Because I know that everyone has their own way of living, and that’s FINE… PERFECT.

Another example . IF JESUS said to 3 people…… bring ME 3 cases of POP based on what YOU BUY FOR YOURSELF. The first person brings… MOMMA MIA DEW….. The second person brings…. ORANGE CRAVE….. and The third person brings a PEPSI. So then Jesus said I’m going to GIVE to everyone according to what THEY BOUGHT ME. ASK YOURSELF…….. WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT FROM JESUS BASED ON YOUR BEST GIFT? HMMMMMMMM Thinking only to yourself…….. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE GIFT WOULD BE FOR THE PERSON WHO GAVE THE PEPSI?

WE are quick to know knock off purses and shoes. But we all know COST is what DIVIDE these items. Sometimes we are not willing to PAY a little bit more for the best QUALITY. But if you are a person who knows how to give a good gift * and I don’t mean from your HEART* A gift that last, a gift that has personality and style, then you can expect it to come back to you. If you are a person who likes shopping at the dollar store….. please don’t get mad when you have a HOUSEWARMING PARTY and all your friends get you DOLLAR STORE gifts. Is it still the thought that counts?

People GIFT you and TREAT you according to HOW YOU TREAT AND GIFT YOURSELF!!!!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy



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