“Judging when ya dont know the real”



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If God wanted me to remember the top 3 lessons in my life, one of them would truly be this one I’m about to share. A lesson on Judging others.

This is one of those stories that I always talked about, but at this time concerning  Bishop Eddie Long its important that I share it with many.

One day in my early 20’s I was walking home from work,  I was about to come to an alley which was 3 houses from my house. As I was walking LEADING UP to the alley, I noticed this very nice looking black woman who appeared to be a little older than myself jump out of a truck that came out of the alley.  She was looking at me and I was looking at her. I noticed that she had on a very shirt skirt, heels, and in my opinion  she had “this hookerish look about her”. I went off on her in my mind saying” No this hooker aint standing on MY block hooking”! “She’s too pretty to be doing this”, “She needs to get off my block with this mess”! “I can’t believe this mess right here”! “Oh she gotta go”! ” We don’t have this on our block”!. Everything I could think of went through my mind. As I was saying these things she was looking at me, and I was looking at her too!! But then I noticed that she kept looking towards the alley. I wasnt at the alley yet, but I started walking faster, so that I could see what she was looking at. After I called her every hooker, hoe, and slut in the book, I was finally coming to the EDGE of the alley ABOUT TO WALK ACROSS IT TO WALK PASS HER, AND TO GET TO MY HOUSE, I was staring eye to eye with this woman. All of a sudden, the direction that she was looking in (the alley), a POLICE SQUAD car came flying out. The POLICE CAR stopped right in position where all she had to do was pull the knob to get in. She hopped in the FRONT SEAT, and once in the car, she gave me this look that I’ll never forget as they sped off to catch the guy in the truck.

As I was Judging her in my mind and with my facial expressions towards her. She was protecting me. She knew that her partner would be speeding out of the alley at anytime, and she kept looking at me to make sure that I would be safe and not walk towards the alley as her car was approaching. She knew I was JUDGING her, but she worried more about me than I did about her. I saw it in her eyes that she knew what I was thinking. Her partner came out of the alley so fast and so quick, it scared me so terriably.

I was now 3 houses from my house when God spoke to me saying, don’t ever be so quick to Judge anyone. He said Lacrease you were so quick to believe that she was a hooker, looking at the way she was dressed, her boots and her appearance. He said NO one could have told you she was anyone different. He said she was looking out for you, making sure you didn’t get hit by her SQUAD car, and you Judged her harshly. I felt so bad. I never felt so bad in my life. That day was truly a real lesson for me.

I write this message to let you all see that what looks like one thing, may very well be another. We can suspect, and have our doubts about something, but when we open our mouths and make it known to others we can INFLUENCE  them. When in fact we REALLY don’t even know (for sure because we weren’t there). Somethings we have to just sit back and let God handle. We are not to say a word, just to learn from everything that is happening. If we want a fair hearing when God Judge us, we need to be able to give one on earth. The same people who say “oh I know he did this and I know he did that” are the same people who get on TV and say my “son was a good boy, he would never kill 5 people”. You get the picture? Every case will have their day in court.

The bible says:  Corinthians 4:5
Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God.

Be Blessed!




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